Hún sá ekkert nema hvítt fjúk koma æðandi úr sortanum og augnablik hvarflaði að henni að gefast upp, fara út í storminn og láta snjóinn breiða hvíta sæng sína yfir sig. Líða inn í meðvitundarleysi áður en þau næðu henni.

Guðgeir starfar tímabundið sem öryggisvörður á Höfn í Hornafirði á meðan hann jafnar sig á áföllum í starfi og einkalífi. Líf hans hefur tekið algjörum stakkaskiptum á stuttum tíma. Áður var hann hamingjusamlega giftur fjölskyldufaðir og farsæll yfirmaður í rannsóknarlögreglunni en nú reynir hann að láta dagana líða hjá og láta lítið á sér bera.
Forvitni Guðgeirs er vakin og hann dregst inn í óvænta atburðarás þegar ung erlend kona hverfur sporlaust. Það er engu líkara en að hún hafi aldrei verið til….




Helga was sitting against the wall in the break room of S. Meyvantsson & Co.‘s warehouse, with her legs flat on the floor and leaning a little bit to the left. She was dressed in a black velvet skirt and a bright yellow, short- sleeved shirt, with prominent shoulder-pads. A yellow and black silk scarf was tied delicately around her neck.

Her pale, thin arms lay limply by her side and she had an air of vulnerability as she sat there with one shoe off. The shoe lay beside her on the brown felt carpet, the leather on the blue heel so worn that you could see through to the metal underneath. Her tights had ladders snaking up both thighs but her auburn hair she always took such pride in, fell in soft curls down to her narrow shoulders. At this angle it seemed longer on the left side …




A prominent middle-aged businessman is found dead on a golf course in the south of Iceland. The same day a sensational course of events kicks off in Reykjavík, when an explosion rocks a whaling boat in the harbour and a group of young people hold demonstrations outside restaurants that have whale meat on the menu. The under-staffed police force has plenty to deal with, and on top of it all Særos, on whom senior officer Gudgeir normally relies, is not as cool-headed as she usually is. Soon events take a surprising turn … What had seemed a peaceful autumn suddenly looks very different. (246 pp) … 




THE ACTOR (2012)

They waited in complete silence and Alda could feel the tension growing in the room. Why didn‘t the man begin? Why didn‘t he say his piece? She looked fixedly at him. He turned slowly, his eyes flicker- ing from one place to another. Their eyes met for an instant. Then she saw it. The anguish. During the shooting of the final scene in a movie, the main star, one of the country‘s most admired actors, drops down and dies in front of the photography team on the set who are unable to prevent it. One of the people present is Alda, the props manager, who has a colourful past. The life of the actor, however, seems to have been beyond reproach – no disorder, no enemies … When his death turns out to be murder, the police initiate a complicated investigation – but the bewitching Alda is never far off, curious about everything and everyone. The Actor is an extremely lively and powerful bestseller, with a fast-moving plot and vivid characters ….